2013 Allen and Ginter All In A Days Work

One of the unannounced, semi-surprise sets for 2013 Allen and Ginter is a ten card mini set called All In A Days Work. These are only appearing at an inserted rate of one per case (approximately). They feature hardworking, but generally under appreciated and under-paid professions. Click on any card to search for it on eBay:

2013 Allen & Ginter All In A Days Work Checklist

AIDW-B Butcher
AIDW-C Clergy
AIDW-CW Construction Worker
AIDW-F Firefighter
AIDW-N Nurse
AIDW-PB Paperboy
AIDW-P Pilot
AIDW-PO Police Officer
AIDW-S Soldier
AIDW-ST School Teacher

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