2009 Allen & Ginter

The 2009 Allen & Ginter set represents the fourth year of the popular set. The base set features the A&G standard of 350 cards, including 230 current baseball veterans, 30 baseball rookies, 25 historical figures/places and 20 champions from sports other than baseball. Hobby boxes of 2009 Allen & Ginter includes 24 packs and one box topper insert. Each pack contains six standard size cards, one insert card and one mini card.

2009 Allen & Ginter Base Set -- The 350 card set of standard size cards. You will find current baseball stars, figures and places of historical significance, baseball rookies and great athletes from other sports.

2009 A&G Mini Set -- The 350 card mini set is a smaller, but otherwise exactly the same set as the regular base set. There is also an extended set of 50 additional mini cards found only in rip cards. The extended mini set includes cards #'s 351-400.

2009 A&G Back Mini Set -- The front of these cards are exactly the same as the standard mini set, but the back features the A&G advertisement instead of the player/person info.

2009 A&G Black Border Mini Set -- Exactly the same as standard mini's, but with a distinctive black border on the front of the card.

No Number Back Mini's --Mini cards with no card number on the back.

Bazooka Back Mini's -- Mini cards with a Bazooka advertisement on the back of the card.

Framed Cloth Mini's --  Rare cards printed on a silk cloth.

Wood Mini's --One of one cards printed on wood.

Creatures of Legend, Myth & Terror -- An insert set featuring some of the most famous monsters in history.