2010 Allen & Ginter

2010 Allen & Ginter was scheduled for a June 30th release, but started actually appearing around June 27th.  As with previous sets, the 2010 base set is made up of 350 cards including 260 current baseball players, 30 baseball rookies, 25 historical people/places and 35 champions from sports other than baseball.

2010 Allen & Ginter Base Set -- 350 standard sized cards featuring baseball players, rookies, champions from other sports and historical figures and places.

Mini Parallel Set -- The same cards as the base set (plus and extra 50 card extended mini set found only in rip cards), but smaller versions matching the size of the original 19th century tobacco cards.

Allen & Ginter Back Mini Parallel Set -- Same 350 cards, but with slightly more rare A&G backs.

Black Border Mini Parallel Set -- Fairly rare versions of the mini cards with a dark black border.

No Number Mini Parallel Set -- Almost identical to the standard mini cards, but they have no card number on the back and each cards is numbered out of 50.

Bazooka Back Mini Parallel Set -- Rare mini cards with the Bazooka advertisement on the backs.  Each one is numbered out of 25.

Framed Cloth Mini Parallel Set -- Mini cards made out of cloth and placed inside of a larger card frame.  Each of these are numbered out of ten.

Wood Mini Parallel Set -- These are one of one versions of the mini cards and are made out of wood.  They can only be found in hobby packs.

Printing Plate Mini Parallel Set -- One of one metal printing plates of the mini cards.

2010 Allen & Ginter Rip Cards -- One of the unique A&G sets.  A larger card that can be ripped open to reveal the rare mini card held inside.  Each rip card is numbered out of 99 or less.

Baseball Highlight Sketch Cards -- A 15 card set of artistic renderings of baseball players.

This Day in History -- A 75 card set featuring historical baseball moments.

Sailors of the Seven Seas --Famous seafarers.

National Animals -- The national animals of 50 of the world's countries.

World's Greatest Wordsmiths -- Fifteen of the world's most famous authors, playwrights and philosophers.

Monsters of the Mesozoic --A 25 card set of ancient dinosaurs.

Lords of Olympus -- A 25 card set of Greed Gods.

2010 Allen & Ginter Relics -- These cards feature a relic from a baseball player, historical figure or place, or in some cases even a mythological figure.

Autograph Relics -- Autographed versions of the relic cards.

DNA Relics -- One of one cards featuring DNA relics.

Monsters of the Mesozoic Relics -- One of one dinosaur relic cards.

N43 Cards -- Box topper cards found inside of hobby boxes.

N43 Relics -- Box topper cards with relics.

N43 Autos -- Box topper cards with autographs.

N43 Auto Relics -- Autographed box topper relic cards.

Cabinet Cards -- Large box topper cards found inside of hobby boxes.

Celestial Stars -- Unannounced insert set of current baseball star.