2010 Allen & Ginter Celestial Stars

The 2010 Allen & Ginter Celestial Stars set was a surprise/unannounced insert set. The set consists of 12 cards featuring some of the top baseball stars of today. These cards are not serial numbered, but are pretty hard to find. They seem to be inserted at about one or two per hobby case.

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2010 Allen & Ginter Celestial Stars Checklist

CS1 Mark Teixeira
CS2 Prince Fielder
CS3 Tim Lincecum
CS4 Derek Jeter
CS5 Dustin Pedroia
CS6 Cliff Lee
CS7 Evan Longoria
CS8 Ryan Howard
CS9 David Wright
CS10 Albert Pujols
CS11 Vladimir Guerrero
CS12 Johan Santana