2010 Allen & Ginter Mini Cards

The 2010 Allen & Ginter mini set consists of a parallel set of 350 cards, plus and extended mini set of 50 additional cards numbered 351-400, as well as a late Stephen Strasburg mini which is number 401.  The Strasburg mini is considered part of the base mini set, not the extended set.  The extended mini cards are only found inside of rip cards, and thus very tough to find.  Mini cards are the same size as the original 19 century Allen & Ginter tobacco cards.  Mini cards are inserted at a rate of one per pack and in addition to the standard back mini's, there are several front and back variations of the mini's:

Allen & Ginter Back Mini's
Black Border Mini's
No Number Back Mini's
Bazooka Back Mini's
Framed Cloth Mini's
Wood Mini's
Celestial Stars -- Unannounced Insert Set

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