2012 Allen & Ginter Cut Signatures

If you pull a cut signature out of a pack of 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter, you truly have a remarkable, valuable, one of a kind card. These cards are so rare that is unlikely that you can get one out of a pack since the odds are one in 95,900 packs, however, there is a chance...albeit a very slim one. There are 22 different cut autographs randomly inserted into packs and each card is serially numbered one of one. The cut signatures range from celebrities such as Dick Clark and Betty White to political leaders like Desmond Tutu and Clarence Thomas. If you don’t get one of these out of a pack and you want one, be prepared to shell out big bucks because cut autographs have always commanded a premium when it comes to Topps Allen & Ginter.

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2012 Allen & Ginter Cut Signature Checklist

AGCS-1 Edward Albee
AGCS-3 Ted Koppel
AGCS-4 Hugh Downs
AGCS-5 John Nash
AGCS-6 Desmond Tutu
AGCS-7 Dick Clark
AGCS-8 Carl Muscarello
AGCS-9 Dutch Van Kirk
AGCS-10 Ernest Borgnine
AGCS-11 Martin Sheen
AGCS-12 Monty Hall
AGCS-13 Gloria Gaynor
AGCS-14 Pat Boone
AGCS-15 Dave Brubeck
AGCS-16 Fats Domino
AGCS-17 Charlie Daniels
AGCS-19 Betty White
AGCS-20 Elliot Gould
AGCS-21 Sophia Loren
AGCS-22 Clarence Thomas