2012 Allen & Ginter Guys in Hats

Every year, Topps seems to throw in some unannounced insert sets in A&G, and the 2012 Allen & Ginter Guys in Hats set was one of those. It did not show up on the pre-release info sheet. This is a ten card set and the cards are not that common. Individual cards are selling for $5-$10 each a few weeks after release.

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2012 Allen & Ginter Guys in Hats Checklist

GH-1 The Bowler
GH-2 The Boater
GH-3 The Fedora
GH-4 The Fez
GH-5 The Pith Helmet
GH-6 The Top Hat
GH-7 The Mortarboard
GH-8 The Flat Cap
GH-9 The Garrison Cap
GH-10 The Bicorne