2012 Allen and Ginter Relics

Topps Allen & Ginter has been one of the most popular releases since 2006 for relic card collectors and with 2012, Topps is continuing the tradition. Inside packs of 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter, collectors can expect to find over 50 different framed mini cards relic cards from active and retired baseball superstars. There will also be several non-baseball athletes and champions to collect as well.

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2012 Allen & Ginter Relic Checklist

AGR-AG Adrian Gonzalez
AGR-AP Albert Pujols
AGR-AP Arnold Palmer
AGR-APA Ara Parseghian
AGR-BH Bob Hurley Sr
AGR-BK Bob Knight
AGR-CM Colin Montgomerie
AGR-CN Curly Neal
AGR-DD Don Dekinger
AGR-DJ Derek Jeter
AGR-DP Dustin Pedroia
AGR-DW Dale Webster
AGR-EA Erin Andrews
AGR-EH Eric Hosmer
AGR-EM Ewa Mataya
AGR-GB Guy Bluford
AGR-GG Greg Gumbel
AGR-HA Hank Aaron
AGR-HR Hanley Ramirez
AGR-I Ichiro
AGR-JB Jerry Bailey
AGR-JB Johnny Bench
AGR-JB Jose Bautista
AGR-JBR James Brown
AGR-JD Joe DiMaggio
AGR-JH Josh Hamilton
AGR-JR Jackie Robinson
AGR-KB Keegan Bradley
AGR-KH Kirk Herbstreit
AGR-KJ Ken Griffey Jr.
AGR-KU Kate Upton
AGR-LG Lou Gehrig
AGR-LK Lefty Kreh
AGR-MB Michael Buffer
AGR-MH Marty Hogan
AGR-MK Matt Kemp
AGR-ML Meadowlark Lemon
AGR-MM Mickey Mantle
AGR-MP Michael Phelps
AGR-MP Michael Pineda
AGR-MS Mike Schmidt
AGR-NR Nolan Ryan
AGR-PP Phil Pfister
AGR-RB Ryan Braun
AGR-RC Robert Clemente
AGR-RF Roger Federer
AGR-RJ Reggie Jackson
AGR-RM Roger Maris
AGR-RS Ryne Sandberg
AGR-SC Starlin Castro
AGR-SC Swin Cash
AGR-SK Sandy Koufax
AGR-TC Ty Cobb
AGR-WM Willie Mays