2012 Allen & Ginter Book Cards

One of the most sought after 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter inserts of all time are Ginter Book Cards. Ginter Book Cards are made to look like a book that will open up to the size of two cards which will either have two autographs, two relics, or one of each. There are only 25 of these book cards out there so they are extremely hard to find. For a person that likes to study the odds, they are one in 136,131 packs and can only be found in hobby stores. The player selection is quite good as Babe Ruth, Yu Darvish, Roger Maris, Cal Ripken Jr., and Nolan Ryan are included. These extremely valuable cards are serially numbered one of one and would be a centerpiece to anyone’s collection.

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2012 Allen & Ginter Book Card Checklist

BC-BC Ernie Banks/Starlin Castro
BC-BR Johnny Bench/Ivan Rodriguez
BC-CO Carl Crawford/David Ortiz
BC-DR Joe DiMaggio/Babe Ruth
BC-FF Miguel Cabrera/Prince Fielder
BC-GA Dee Gordon/Elvis Andrus
BC-GR Curtis Granderson/Alex Rodriguez
BC-HK Josh Hamilton/Ian Kinsler
BC-HM Jeremy Hellickson/Matt Moore
BC-HS Ryan Howard/Mike Schmidt
BC-JM Reggie Jackson/Roger Maris
BC-KS Matt Kemp/Giancarlo Stanton
BC-LR Evan Longoria/Brooks Robinson
BC-MB Mike Minor/Brandon Beachy
BC-MM Eddie Murray/Don Mattingly
BC-PC Buster Posey/Gary Carter
BC-PP Andy Pettitte/Michael Pineda
BC-PS Michael Pineda/CC Sabathia
BC-RD Nolan Ryan/Yu Darvish
BC-RG Nolan Ryan/Bob Gibson
BC-RJG Cal Ripken/Lou Gehrig
BC-RR Jose Reyes/Hanley Ramirez
BC-SR Ozzie Smith/Jimmy Rollins
BC-TH Troy Tulowitzki/Todd Helton
BC-YB Carl Yastrzemski/Wade Boggs