2012 Allen & Ginter DNA Relics

DNA Relic cards? What are those you may ask? These cards help cement the quirkiness that Allen & Ginter is well known for. Each DNA Relic card contains a hair of the person depicted on the card. The hair is embedded into the card to protect it from damage or falling out. There are 10 different cards and each card is serially numbered one of one. The DNA Relic cards are of past presidents such as John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan to other historical figures like Alexander Hamilton and Charles Dickens. These cards are very hard to find and valuable so if you do not get one in a pack you can always try to find one of these scarcities online but be prepared to shell out quite a bit to own one.

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2012 Allen & Ginter DNA Relic Checklist

DNA-AH Alexander Hamilton
DNA-CD Charles Dickens
DNA-DE Dwight D. Eisenhower
DNA-G Geronimo
DNA-JB John Brown
DNA-JFK John F. Kennedy
DNA-JFK2 John F. Kennedy
DNA-KE King Edward VII
DNA-N Napoleon
DNA-RR Ronald Reagan