Lepidoptery Cards

A very unique collectible found in packs of 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter are Lepidoptery Cards. The cards will feature a full, pressed butterfly in a window-box style card. Because of the size of the card, redemption cards will be used. These cards will only be found in hobby packs.

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2012 Allen and Ginter Lepidoptery Checklist

L-1 Sparkling Cherub
L-2 Pink Glasswing
L-3 Crimson Callicore
L-4 Crenis pechuelli
L-5 Red Glider
L-6 Callithea leprieuri
L-7 Orange Albatross
L-8 Pearl Morpho
L-9 Orea Banner
L-10 Asterope hewitsoni
L-11 Pink Dotted Appollonia
L-12 Peacock
L-13 The 88
L-14 Double Blue
L-15 Buttercup
L-16 White Glider
L-17 African Monarch
L-18 Black Swallowtail
L-19 Purple Spotted Swallowtail
L-20 TBA
L-21 Green Congo Swallowtail