2012 Allen & Ginter Silk

The Silk Collection consists of 150 subjects that are serially numbered to ten copies each. The lineup is very strong and consists of star players and hall of famers such as Albert Pujols, Babe Ruth, and Mickey Mantle. Each piece of silk is encased inside a slick dark cover protector. These cards are very tough to find in packs. These cards are very popular with player and team collectors but not so much with set collectors because of the rarity. It would be extremely expensive to piece this 150 card set together given the fact that only ten copies of each card exist.

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2012 Allen & Ginter Silk Checklist

RC-1 Buster Posey
RC-2 Brian Wilson
RC-3 Brandon Phillips
RC-4 Brett Lawrie
RC-5 Ian Kinsler
RC-6 Michael Pineda
RC-7 Troy Tulowitzki
RC-8 Mariano Rivera
RC-9 Dustin Pedroia
RC-10 Adrian Gonzalez
RC-11 Babe Ruth
RC-12 Jacoby Ellsbury
RC-13 Johnny Bench
RC-14 Carl Yastrzemski
RC-15 Dan Uggla
RC-16 Miguel Cabrera
RC-17 Cal Ripken Jr.
RC-18 Justin Verlander
RC-19 Curtis Granderson
RC-20 Mark Teixeira
RC-21 Matt Kemp
RC-22 Ryan Zimmerman
RC-23 Carlos Gonzalez
RC-24 Roberto Clemente
RC-25 Ryan Howard
RC-26 Kevin Youkilis
RC-27 Joey Votto
RC-28 Ryan Braun
RC-29 Josh Hamilton
RC-30 Stan Musial
RC-31 Hunter Pence
RC-32 Alex Rodriguez
RC-33 David Ortiz
RC-34 Mike Trout
RC-35 Roy Halladay
RC-36 Josh Johnson
RC-37 Reggie Jackson
RC-38 Carl Crawford
RC-39 Robinson Cano
RC-40 Jose Reyes
RC-41 Starlin Castro
RC-42 Josh Beckett
RC-43 Hanley Ramirez
RC-44 Chase Utley
RC-45 David Fareese
RC-46 Jason Heyward
RC-47 Derek Jeter
RC-48 Tim Lincecum
RC-49 Lou Gehrig
RC-50 Craig Kimbrel
RC-51 Carlos Santana
RC-52 Mickey Mantle
RC-53 Stephen Strasburg
RC-54 Sandy Koufax
RC-55 CC Sabathia
RC-56 Nelson Cruz
RC-57 Frank Robinson
RC-58 Madison Bumgarner
RC-59 Adam Jones
RC-60 Shin-Soo Choo
RC-61 Ichiro
RC-62 Mike Stanton
RC-63 Roger Maris
RC-64 Bob Gibson
RC-65 Jesus Montero
RC-66 Andrew McCutchen
RC-67 Eric Hosmer
RC-68 Ty Cobb
RC-69 Freddie Freeman
RC-70 Pablo Sandoval
RC-71 Willie Mays
RC-72 Jay Bruce
RC-73 Brooks Robinson
RC-74 Joe Mauer
RC-75 Brian McCann
RC-76 Nolan Ryan
RC-77 Jackie Robinson
RC-78 Tommy Hanson
RC-79 Jon Lester
RC-80 Mike Schmidt
RC-81 Clayton Kershaw
RC-82 Albert Pujols
RC-83 Evan Longoria
RC-84 Jered Weaver
RC-85 Cliff Lee
RC-86 Cole Hamels
RC-87 Rickey Henderson
RC-88 Hank Aaron
RC-89 Tom Seaver
RC-90 Felix Hernandez
RC-91 Matt Holliday
RC-92 Jose Bautista
RC-93 Matt Moore
RC-94 Prince Fielder
RC-95 Joe DiMaggio
RC-96 Ken Griffey Jr.
RC-97 Justin Upton
RC-98 David Price
RC-99 David Wright
RC-100 Al Kaline