2012 Allen & Ginter What’s In a Name?

The 2012 Allen & Ginter What's In a Name? insert set is a large set, made up of 100 cards of current and past baseball stars. Some of the greats include Joe DiMaggio, Jackie Robinson, Tony Gwynn, Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth and Billy Butler.

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2012 Allen and Ginter What's In a Name? Checklist

WIN-1 Joe DiMaggio
WIN-2 Carlos Gonzalez
WIN-3 Ryan Howard
WIN-4 Paul Konerko
WIN-5 Troy Tulowitzki
WIN-6 Ryan Braun
WIN-7 Chase Utley
WIN-8 Cliff Lee
WIN-10 Yogi Berra
WIN-11 Torii Hunter
WIN-12 Minnie Minoso
WIN-13 Carl Crawford
WIN-14 Chipper Jones
WIN-15 Michael Pineda
WIN-16 Miguel Cabrera
WIN-17 Dustin Pedroia
WIN-18 Stan Musial
WIN-19 David Wright
WIN-21 Jackie Robinson
WIN-22 Matt Kemp
WIN-23 Mike Stanton
WIN-24 Ian Kinsler
WIN-25 Dan Uggla
WIN-27 Starlin Castro
WIN-28 Elvis Andrus
WIN-29 Nolan Ryan
WIN-30 Hunter Pence
WIN-31 Andrew McCutchen
WIN-32 Freddie Freeman
WIN-34 Clayton Kershaw
WIN-35 Brooks Robinson
WIN-36 Jose Bautista
WIN-37 Jason Heyward
WIN-38 Roy Halladay
WIN-40 Jemile Weeks
WIN-41 Tim Lincecum
WIN-42 Cal Ripken Jr
WIN-43 Justin Verlander
WIN-44 Jimmy Rollins
WIN-45 Don Mattingly
WIN-47 Jacoby Ellsbury
WIN-48 Tony Gwynn
WIN-50 Mike Schmidt
WIN-51 Josh Hamilton
WIN-52 Derek Jeter
WIN-53 Justin Morneau
WIN-54 Juan Pierre
WIN-55 Robinson Cano
WIN-56 Aroldis Chapman
WIN-57 Josh Beckett
WIN-58 Rickey Henderson
WIN-59 Buster Posey
WIN-60 Jay Bruce
WIN-61 Jim Thome
WIN-62 Jered Weaver
WIN-64 David Ortiz
WIN-65 Nick Swisher
WIN-67 Willie Stargell
WIN-68 Prince Fielder
WIN-69 Felix Hernandez
WIN-70 Jon Lester
WIN-71 Joe Mauer
WIN-72 CC Sabathia
WIN-73 Ryan Zimmerman
WIN-74 Tom Seaver
WIN-75 Cole Hamels
WIN-76 B.J. Upton
WIN-77 David Price
WIN-78 Jose Reyes
WIN-79 Mickey Mantle
WIN-80 Matt Holliday
WIN-81 Coco Crisp
WIN-82 Ty Cobb
WIN-83 Mark Teixeira
WIN-84 Albert Pujols
WIN-85 Mike Napoli
WIN-86 Dan Haren
WIN-87 Joey Votto
WIN-88 Alex Gordon
WIN-89 Stephen Strasburg
WIN-90 Evan Longoria
WIN-91 Alex Rodriguez
WIN-92 Paul Goldschmidt
WIN-93 Billy Butler
WIN-94 Reggie Jackson
WIN-95 Ken Griffey Jr
WIN-96 Ozzie Smith
WIN-97 Justin Upton
WIN-99 Babe Ruth
WIN-100 Zack Greinke

One Response to 2012 Allen & Ginter What’s In a Name?

  1. feby says:

    I purchased ($100) a slinge box from my local vendor, although closed auction ebay pricing appear to be as low as $70+ S&H.In sum, this product is a flat-out let-down. In no way, shape or form does it compete with Triple Threads or Ultimate. This is more akin to Co-Signers from a couple of years back, or Topps Marquee Lite perhaps, without the patches.Yes, the checklist has Koufax and some impressive names on it and the oversized patches are drool-worthy, but those pulls are lotto-frequent (Prodigious Patches #/10). My experience and research indicate that the vast majority of slinge box breaks will disappoint. For this price-point? As one or both of my hits? Autos of Josh Thole, Carlos Carrasco, Ervin Santana, Brandon Beachy, Brandon Crawford, Anthony Rizzo and Angel Pagan are just anti-climactic.To ensure that I wasn’t unfairly knocking the product, I perused some youtube.com case-breaks. These breaks showed CASE-HITS the chase-card(s) of every 12 box case, to include a Bob Gibson auto /25, a Chipper Jones auto /25, a Clay Buchholz/Josh Johnson dual auto REDEMPTION, and another REDEMPTION for a Ryne Sandberg Gold (/25) auto. Okay, the Ryno is cool, but it’s just a graph, no Jersey patch Not impressive, in my opinion. And, while they have gotten better, Topps’ redemption program still leaves something to be desired.I am NOT a Topps hater. I LOVE Triple Threads, I love the value that I derive from Topps Baseball and Football every season. The ’11 Topps Tribute product was fantastic.A recent string of Topps products has been deeply disappointing, however, including Lineage, Marquee, and now Tier-One.Anyone care to weigh-in and refute or confirm my review here?

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