2013 Allen And Ginter People On Bicycles

The second unannounced surprise set from 2013 Allen & Ginter is a ten card set called People on Bicycles. As you can probably guess, these mini cards feature different kinds of bicycles (and tricycles and even a quadracycle) and some of the people that ride them both for enjoyment and for a living. These cards are tough pulls, with only about one popping up per case. Click on the card name to see what that card is currently going for on eBay.

2013 Allen & Ginter People on Bicycles Checklist

POB-A Amphibious
POB-BR Brief Respite
POB-M Messenger
POB-NH No Hands
POB-PF Penny-Farthing
POB-QT Quadracycle for Two
POB-TRI Triathlete
POB-TT Tricycle for Two
POB-T Tricycle
POB-WE Woodland Excursion

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