First Surprise of 2012 Ginter

2012 Allen & Ginter Derek Lee Pants

2012 Allen & Ginter Derek Lee Pants

There was an unannounced surprise in Ginter during the first week of used pants. No, not a small piece of fabric cut from a players pants, the actual full pair of pants! It is a redemption of course, and the subject is Derrek Lee. The card came out of a rip card and says "Rip Card Reserve" and "One of One" on it. Wonder what else is out there. Here is the listing in eBay:

2012 Allen and Ginter Derrek Lee Pants

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  1. Alan Jenkins says:

    Will A&G be providing a compehensive checklists of the RIP CARD RESERVE cards.

    I’d also like to know what cards are available in the FRAMED ORIGINALS series – 19 have appeared on eBay so far. Just another 81 to find details of, so as to complete the checklist for these cards.


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